Work for high paying AI and Data engineering jobs in the US from the comfort of your home

Join Squadery to grow your income and career in the AI and data domain with the flexibility to choose between a full time role or part time consulting roles at top US companies.

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What Is Squadery
What is

Powered by Fusemachines Inc. (Est. 2013), Squadery is a one-of-a-kind talent platform that matches people with top companies in need of qualified engineers. We are simply connecting the dots.

We constantly match ambitious engineers across the globe to exciting full time and part time jobs that:

  1. Align with career and income goals,
  2. Allow engineers to work from the location of their choice,
  3. Help engineers grow as AI and data engineering professionals.

The Squadery team comprises passionate AI and technology leaders from Fusemachines, who are committed to bridging the technology talent divide.

Why join Squadery?

Access to Elite US Jobs as a Top Companies

Access to Elite US Jobs as a Top Companies

Work Across A Variety of Problems and Industries

Work Across A Variety of Problems and Industries

Grow in Your Career and Expand Your Portfolio

Grow in Your Career and Expand Your Portfolio

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Application Process
2. Apply

Our quick application process consists of uploading your resume or CV and then providing your personal information, education, work experience, and availability for working on a project

3. Initial Interview

Fuse experts will then hold an initial interview with you to learn more about your background and experience

4. Technical Assessment

Candidates that are approved after the initial interview will be assigned an appropriate assessment based on their intended role (AI Engineer, Data Engineer, etc.)

5. Technical Interview

After qualifying the technical assessment, appropriate candidates will then be further assessed on problem-solving ability, level of experience, communication ability, and creativity

6. Get Matched With Projects

Once fully approved to join the Squadery network, you will be matched with appropriate contract-based projects at top US companies

Interested in joining a Network like of Minded Professionals working at Top US Companies?

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