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The Squadery team comprises passionate AI and technology leaders from Fusemachines, who are committed to bridging the technology talent divide. Organizations globally are in need of qualified engineers and technology talent and there is a lot of untapped potential in underserved markets. With Squadery, we are simply connecting the dots.

After more than a decade-long work in creating a tangible impact around AI education, upskilling and job creation in underserved markets in different parts of the world, the Fusemachines team now wants to take on the task of matching deserving technology and engineering talent with credible job opportunities.

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Squadery, powered by Fusemachines Inc., is a first-of-its-kind talent platform that matches elite technology experts and engineers with top US contract roles.

The platform does so by unburdening expert technology talent as much as possible from cumbersome job application and search processes as well as nuances associated with remote working. We make this possible by offering a simple and efficient application process, whereby a candidate applies to join our network by submitting their credentials, gets vetted by our team of experts through a mix of interviews and technical assessments, and gets matched with the right opportunities immediately

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Founded in 2013 and headquartered in New York with operations across North and Latin America and Asia, Fusemachines is a provider of Enterprise AI talent solutions.

An early and active proponent of democratizing AI, we embody the idea that “talent is everywhere but opportunities are not.” We, therefore, strive to make AI education and talent accessible globally. We do this by bringing high-quality, curated AI training programs to frontier markets and by empowering enterprises to unlock new AI-powered possibilities with the help of distributed AI teams.

Under the leadership of CEO Sameer Maskey, Ph.D., Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia University, we have steadily helped large enterprises build AI Teams, upskill their employees and advance their digital transformation agendas through our training and talent platforms. For more information, visit

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